PYTHONPro OffRoad Triathlon 2008

This year I participated in the Offroad Triathlon. This year I have prepared a little better. I had got at new mountain bike, where it was possible to use all gears and use click pedals. I had also practiced biking and running to get use to the switching.

The result was a large improvement. Last year got a time on 1:32:05, while I this year did the 1:14:28. I had improved in all the different events. If I had got the same time last year it would have given a 2 place while I instead got a 10 place for the short triathlon. The results for this year can be seen at

The whole event also felt better, since I had a little more practice and knew what the event was about. I the running last year I had to walk a lot but this year I could run in a fast pace for the whole running trip. The biking track was also more dry this year, which also made it possible to ride faster.

I was also the lucky winner of a Aquaman wetsuit, unfortunately it was a ladies model so I cannot use it.Updated: I was able to exchange the certificate to a male model, so next year I’m going to swim much more in open water.

Next year it should be possible to perform the triathlon faster if the shape of the day is better and if I have practiced more.