DWD day one Tuesday

So day was the big day with Date with Destiny. First of I started the day with a run around the golf course go get an hour of power. The surroundings was astonishing and I did pretty well with the running.

We got to the conference center at 10am, and had heard the previous day that the event would start at 10.30am. When we got there we found that the start had been postponed to 11.30am. The weather outside was nice so, I was able meet with somebody outside.

At the event I was able to get some nice seats on 4 row, so I was able to follow pretty close in the stage. So I got a got view of Tony Robbins.

This first day contained a lot of the elements from Unleash the Power Within(UPW), that I was on in October. It was explained a bit different and had some different stories but the basis was what we learned last time. I thought think that it was great to be reminded of what was going on and get back into the emotional stage from then.

I’m looking forward to learn more about how I can use the information to change my life. I’m looking forward to spend time with the coaches tomorrow.