A word of warning with Okuma Group fraud

It seems like the company Okuma Group is trying to move into Denmark also. They have some well spoken sale men that are trying to sell their products. They expect the stock of Trina Solar Limited to go from $20 to 40 or 50 in a couple of months.

They have also tried to call German speaking countries like described on Amazingly elaborate fraud scheme: Okuma Group.

What is interesting is that the company name domain is only registered on 12 feb 2010 according to WHOIS. And even better it is register to an anonymous user. It does not sound trust worthy.

They news list is not real trust worthy it only dates back until July 2 2010 and only contains links to other analytics.

They also offered a less tax way thru clearing houses exotic places. Wander if you would ever see the money again.

Update:  5 October  2014

I got a mail from a reader of the blog with the follwing warning.

It appears that the same group of gangsters previously operating under one of the following guises:

Dai Ichi Securities
Dragon Securities
Edzell Ventures
HB Capital Partners
Novantae Diversified
Ovannis Capital
Palatine Financial
Pegasus Ventures
Sirius Holdings
Stockton Triathlon
The Sirius Financial
The Stockton Group
The Toros Group
Trinity Ventures

Is now also operating under the name of BARON MOORE ASSOCIATES. Supposedly they are based in Hong Kong. To lend themselves some “credibility,” they have once again posted news releases on different websites. As before, the domain has been registered under a proxy service. Their “staff” will call you from an anonymous number. Of course, they will not be able to provide you with any financial registration number. They will try to entice you by offering you discounted and privileged shares as a “broker” for a legitimate company registered on the NASDAQ or Hang Seng. They will then send you instructions to wire money to:

Hamtron Limited
1/F Causeway Plaza Two
463-483 Lockhart Road
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

In money ways the scam is the same as before. The difference is the sense of urgency with which their staff tries to ”sell” and the different contacts they will try to put you through (call agent, broker, “legal department,” etc.) to assuage you and to get you to transfer your money ASAP – money that you will definitely never ever see again.

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  1. Of course, you will never see your money again. The old saying a “fool and his money are soon parted” holds true here… It will disappear in some offshore bank account… The Okuma Group will then metamorphose into some other organization as they have done in the past and will continue to do in the future… I have also received numerous phone calls from these scam artists. They claim to exist for 13 years but their domain was registered this year by proxy so that you can’t see the real name of the registrant. They claim to be based in Japan but their number turns out to be a voice mail while their phone calls come from “undisclosed” numbers. They refuse to divulge their real numbers (of course). The people I talked to spoke perfect English but had a slight Eastern European accent. BEWARE!!!

  2. There are a lot of “fake” news reports appearing on the internet pretending to originate from an organization by the name of “Okuma Group.” This organization is part of a criminal syndicate the keeps on metamorphosing and reinventing itself and has gotten more sophisticated in recent years.

    They have personally contacted me on various occasions. In the past they masqueraded as “Hibber-Bothwell” and “Novantae Diversified.” Those websites looked and felt the same as that of the “Okuma Group.” Those may not be the only names this organization has used or is currently using. Some research on the internet leads me to believe that they may also be affiliated or associated with “Dai-Ichi Securities” and “Westernfield Holdings” among others.

    It would appear that they have also used the following names:

    Sirius Holdings
    The Sirius Financial
    HB Capital Partners
    The Toros Group
    Pegasus Ventures
    Edzell Ventures
    Trinity Ventures
    Dragon Securities
    The Stockton Group

    Their scam has basically remained the same over the last few years. They call to offer a special stock with high growth potential at discounted prices. One of the proposed benefits is the supposed “offshore transaction” to avoid taxation.

    Their websites look and “feel” fairly professional but there are a number of red flags that should alert any discerning internet user:

    – There is very little information in the “About Us” section of the websites.
    – The telephone number turns out to be a voice mail and callers refuse to divulge their real phone numbers.
    – All calls originate from “undisclosed” numbers.
    – If one conducts a WHOIS search to identify the owner of the domain name, one finds that the domain was registered by proxy through GoDaddy.Com. No serious business would do this.
    – E-mails cannot be traced…

    On the other hand, the scam is somewhat sophisticated. The websites and PDF brochures of this organization are fairly professional. The content is mostly pertinent and well-written (or copied from other sources). The wolf appears disguised as a sheep. There even is an extensive “code of ethics” displayed on their most recent website.

    The people that I talked to spoke English fluently although some had a slight Eastern European accent. One person I talked to sounded Greek, some of the others sounded Romanian.

    While these people are quite knowledgeable about some aspects of stocks and trading they are ignorant about others. Moreover, their proposition basically amounts to insider trading although they never use this term.

    The fact that this organization appears and re-appears indicates that the scam is obviously very successful while law-enforcement authorities are seemingly not taking this crime very seriously. One reason for this may be that the victims of this scam are afraid of contacting the authorities since they did so in the hope of conducting “illegal” financial transactions to avoid taxation and conduct “insider” deals.

    Research on the internet suggests that this criminal syndicate may be operating out of Romania. This would allow the syndicate to exploit the comparatively ineffectual and corrupt legal environment of one of the less developed member states of the EU.

    Financial transactions are seemingly conducted through Cyprus and other offshore banking locations. This ensures that bank transfers cannot be reversed and the money is gone as soon as the transaction has been made.

    The old saying goes “a fool and his money are soon parted.” Today this may happen as soon as a trained trickster of the Okuma Group, formerly known as Novantae Diversified and Hibber-Bothwell, appears out of the dark sewers of the netherworld pretending to be as a legitimate financial adviser and repeatedly calls the unsuspecting victim to discuss some investment opportunities…

  3. You know that I’ve recently been forced to take down all my blog posts about these guys? I had gathered quite some reading stuff about their operations and gained and sustained Google #1 rank when searching for their name. That was supposedly why by the end of last week my company suffered from a massive telephone attack, numerous anonymous calls, threatening the company and me in person with violence (to say the least) if I would not eliminate all information I revealed so far.

    This just as a hint to keep your ass out of trouble.

  4. @stockton triathlon I did not see that one. I don’t know how that is possible.

  5. And hear a new name for the list.

    Palatine Financial.

    They called me yesterday with exactly the same approach as Novantae Capital Holdings a few years back.

  6. @kalabule
    To Kalabule:
    You seem to have made a good research on Okuma. I was talked into a business very professionally to buy private ParagonGPS, Texas shares, starting with good shares of Trinasolar, which were changed without my expressed wish into PGPS. Now I should invest very fast to reach a block of 50,000 shares, otherwise I would loose all. Your advise is very important for me not to do so. If you have further informations, please let me know.
    Best regards Helmut

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