SAP camp at the German Formula One Grand Prix

I have been going to the Formula One Grandprix for some years. I have always enjoyed staying at the campgrounds. It is a mix with people just wanting to party, have fun and be creative in coming up with campgrounds. I like going there to be reset and see what is possible and get some time to relax. Plus enjoy some loud noises and some racing.

Now this year the German Grand Prix is in Hockenheim, close to SAP HQ in Waldorf. It is on July 23-25 2010. So I thought that some other SAP professionals also are going to the event. It could be a great place to network and met other people who have a passion for SAP and motorsports.

It would be fun to catch up with some other SAP professionals, so if you are going to the Grandprix drop a comment and let’s find a time to get something to drink or something to eat. I do hope to get a lot of responses, and then we might even be able to create some kind of a camp.