New year: New body in just 4 hour a week #4hb

So now we have started on a new year, and one of the large things we do is create new year’s resolutions, to change our lives to the better. Or at least change the life.

I was reading Tim Ferris The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman. Tim also wrote The 4 Hour work week

The 4hour body contains a lot do descriptions to how you can improve your live in different ways. It really reminds me of body hacking or to find ways to cheat the body to achieve greater results.

One of the key things is the Slow-Carb. Eating less carbohydrate all week and then once a week go all in and then spike the intake of everything once a week. This should give the body a much higher rate of fat loss. It sounds like something worth trying. Tim selects a rather monotone menu, to make it really easy to follow and that you don’t have to be into all the time.

There are also chapters for gaining lots of extra muscles that is currently not something I’m that much into. But the sex part was quite interesting, as well as the running and sleeping. It is something to experiment with.

The book offers a lot of interesting insights to how you may change your life. It is not all parts of the book that is relevant for all persons, but it can be read in different ways depending on what you want to change or improve.

Happy new year.