Figaf starts developing android application

Today is a great day (it was yesterday night, but I had to solve some problems first) that we published our first application in the Android market place. I have for a long time seen that it would be quite interesting to move into the android space and start creating apps. Now it was was able to make an application work and test if it is an area that I can work with.

The app is called Forbrugsforeningen and allows you as a user to search for stores in your current postal code that accepts the union’s membership discounts. For more info on the union see It is pretty easy to use (I hope).

The app is still in a really early stage, and it would be nice to have some more hours to spend on creating a better App. But it is a start and now we can test if there is a market for an Android app for this sort. The market is still young but with the number of android based phones exploding, there will be a lot of extra functionality to use this.