Book of the Week: Charting and Technical Analysis

This week I have been reading about technical analysis. Charting and Technical Analysis by Fred McAllen which covers gives a basis for the different indicators to use when doing daytrading on the stock exchange. Everything is pretty easy explained and what it means for the investment.

For all the different indicators that are described a description of what happens when the thing happen is described. It makes it quite easy to understand. It does though require that you only look from that indicator. When you start looking on multiply indicators like candlesticks and trendlines you may get different indicates on the future of the market.

An interesting perspective from the book is the use of candlestick diagrams and what they mean and how they work. It is defiantly a book that is worth opening again when I get my account set up, so I can start trading. Then for each diagram it is possible to find the different positions and what they mean.

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