Book a week: Not Dead Enough

I have just read the book Not dead enough by Peter James. I read the Danish translation Langtfra Død. It was a pretty easy read and quite thrilling.

It is a detective story with the hero Ray Grace in as criminal inspector. The story is told with the view from the different persons involved with the book.

A woman is found murdered and the story is about how to find the killer. The idea is that the housebound is the leader of a software company dealing with creating scheduling software is interesting. He is a workaholic that never spends time with his wife. Also a woman he knows is found dead, which is a bit strange. She is killed much the same way as the wife.

The murder has planted a lot of false leads towards convicting the housebound that he believes has stolen his business idea. Therefore the housebound have to pay. All these evidence points to the housebound, it is first when a new lead is followed that the police get the idea to find the new murder.

I find the idea with also seeing the killer’s perspective to be a bit distracting. It makes it too easy to learn what the plot is about. If it was not used this way you would have to read to the last 15% of the book before you will learn that it is not the housebound who is the killer.

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