Book a Week: SAP Netweaver Process Integration 2nd edition

This week’s book is probably not the most interesting unless you are considering to use SAP Process Integration. SAP NetWeaver Process Integration Mandy Krimme and Joachim Orb. It is updated to SAP PI 7.1, so by now it is time for a new version.

I have been working with SAP Process Integration for a long time. I though found some areas that I could improve in.

  • For my use of Java mappings the book described the use of AbstractTransformation, which gives some extra options for getting extra payloads.
  • There was a good short description of the use of CCTS.
  • I became a bit clear on when the ccBPM created new transactions and when not. This does clear up some misunderstanding
  • There was a good example of modeling with Process Component model and Integration Scenario Models. This does make the usage of the different components clear.

It is a quite technical book on how to use each of the tools. The basis of the book is to describe each of the different components, which makes it a good induction to what is going on.

It is a book that will take you thru the basis usage of SAP PI.