Book a week: Not Dead Enough

I have just read the book Not dead enough by Peter James. I read the Danish translation Langtfra Død. It was a pretty easy read and quite thrilling.

It is a detective story with the hero Ray Grace in as criminal inspector. The story is told with the view from the different persons involved with the book.

A woman is found murdered and the story is about how to find the killer. The idea is that the housebound is the leader of a software company dealing with creating scheduling software is interesting. He is a workaholic that never spends time with his wife. Also a woman he knows is found dead, which is a bit strange. She is killed much the same way as the wife.

The murder has planted a lot of false leads towards convicting the housebound that he believes has stolen his business idea. Therefore the housebound have to pay. All these evidence points to the housebound, it is first when a new lead is followed that the police get the idea to find the new murder.

I find the idea with also seeing the killer’s perspective to be a bit distracting. It makes it too easy to learn what the plot is about. If it was not used this way you would have to read to the last 15% of the book before you will learn that it is not the housebound who is the killer.

Book of the Week: Gælden ved at være til / The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness

This week I was reading the danish version of Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche’s Gælden ved at være til The Joy of Living: Unlocking the Secret and Science of Happiness .

It was a quite different book than I normally read. I have not read that may spiritual books. But it was quite interesting to get a perspective to how meditation works. So now I got a little heads up on what the meditation we are doing in is about.

There are a lot of great stories in the book, which gives a lot of perspective on what the good life is about.

There is also a large part of the book devoted to feeling better because of changing perspective on life.

Book of the Week: Excuses Begone!: How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits

This week I was read Excuses Begone! By Dr. Wayne W. Dyer with the subtitle: How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits.

I’m going to see Dr Wane Dyer at Experts academy in March so I thought I would be a great book to read. And it was.

The book covers a lot of the normal excuse that we use in our daily life like

  • I’m too old
  • I’m too tired

One crucial question to ask is “Can I 100% know this is real” and for most you cannot be sure. So there is a way to change it.

A topic also covered is the Mind virus(mime), something that we have learned was a good thing because it help us at some point in our life or we learned it from our parents. It is a mix between genetic and what we have learned. They make it deficit of changing our habits.

One of the key issues is to stay in the now. It is often quite difficult but it will give much greater life if we can stay there.

It was a good book and it gave a lot of ideas to how to change our life. Just by changing the way we talk to our self.


Book a week: Kaplan Techincal writing

I got a great offer to buy some Kaplan books on the Kindle so I got to read Kaplan Technical Writing by Carrie Hannigan et. al.

I have been focusing on creating some documentation for the PI system so I thought that this book could help with some ideas.

The book was quite basic around something as creating a document or a mail. I think that most of the content is what you would gain from experiences.

It did provide some good comments. In each document use a statement of purpose. It will make it much easier for other users to know what they can gain from reading the document.

There is also a recommendation to use different fronts based on you expect people to read on the screen (Arial, Century Gothic, Comic Sans MS, Tahoma, or Verdana) and for print use (Times New Roman, Book Antigua, Century, and Georgia).

One thing that I have lacked is the use of active vs passive tone in the writing.

  • Active: Theresa Lane prepared the document.
  • Passive: The document was prepared by Theresa Lane

Book of the week: The Art of Public Speaking

This week it has been going on with learning to do public presentations. The art of public speaking by Dale Carnegie. The book is about how to present in front of people.

The book is designed as a course book. The chapters’ covers are fairly short and all cover a principle that you have to master as a speaker. After each chapter there are some exercises that you must do to practice. It takes a lot of time to make all the different assignments at the end of the captors. The book is therefore suited to cover a course held over a period of lessons with homework. Or by a dedicated student.

The book covers topics like gestures, words, movement, research and speech creation. It is quite informative all the different lessons that are worth looking into when creating addresses.

There is cover of different ways to influence others and how it can be used to create a good presentation.

All the ideas is quite common knowledge but it is not anything that you would see normally and remember.

Book of the Week: Life’s Golden Ticket

This week I was reading Brendon Buchards Lifes golden ticket. I have heard a lot of this book from all Brendons marketing and cases in Experts Academy. So I found that I had to read it to learn more about what he is teaching. It is really worth reading a personal development fiction novel.

The story is about a man that is taken to an amusement park where he is taught different lessons about his life. It deals with what he is doing and how it affects other people’s life.

The book discovers a lot of nice habits that we need to embrace in our life. It is always something that we know but often forget.

A lot is about helping other people and give them love. We are often most focus on our own life.

Book of the Week: Charting and Technical Analysis

This week I have been reading about technical analysis. Charting and Technical Analysis by Fred McAllen which covers gives a basis for the different indicators to use when doing daytrading on the stock exchange. Everything is pretty easy explained and what it means for the investment.

For all the different indicators that are described a description of what happens when the thing happen is described. It makes it quite easy to understand. It does though require that you only look from that indicator. When you start looking on multiply indicators like candlesticks and trendlines you may get different indicates on the future of the market.

An interesting perspective from the book is the use of candlestick diagrams and what they mean and how they work. It is defiantly a book that is worth opening again when I get my account set up, so I can start trading. Then for each diagram it is possible to find the different positions and what they mean.

New year: New body in just 4 hour a week #4hb

So now we have started on a new year, and one of the large things we do is create new year’s resolutions, to change our lives to the better. Or at least change the life.

I was reading Tim Ferris The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman. Tim also wrote The 4 Hour work week

The 4hour body contains a lot do descriptions to how you can improve your live in different ways. It really reminds me of body hacking or to find ways to cheat the body to achieve greater results.

One of the key things is the Slow-Carb. Eating less carbohydrate all week and then once a week go all in and then spike the intake of everything once a week. This should give the body a much higher rate of fat loss. It sounds like something worth trying. Tim selects a rather monotone menu, to make it really easy to follow and that you don’t have to be into all the time.

There are also chapters for gaining lots of extra muscles that is currently not something I’m that much into. But the sex part was quite interesting, as well as the running and sleeping. It is something to experiment with.

The book offers a lot of interesting insights to how you may change your life. It is not all parts of the book that is relevant for all persons, but it can be read in different ways depending on what you want to change or improve.

Happy new year.


Book review Millionaire Upgrade

I was listing to Richard Parkes Cordocks book Millionare Upgrade. It is a quite interesting book.

It is a story about a man sitting beside a successful entrepreneur in a plane ride. During the course of the flight the successful entrepreneur tell his story on how to become successful. It is some quite valuable lessons. I guess I have heard most of them before, but the idea of placing them so close together is quite interesting. It is a god way to put them all together.

One framework used in the book is to tie everything together is the phrase:


This is composed of

  • I Believe in my self
  • Be passionate and wanted, so you are totally motivated to get your goals
  • Lies and luck don’t work. Luck is the cross road of opportunities
  • Installing goals. They should be written down
  • Enjoy hard work; you have to want to work because you just love it.
  • Very Very Persistent, just have to keep the nose in the rill.
  • Expect failure. There will be mistakes and you have to be able to stop projects

Then there is team work to get everything to work. You need to be able to get people to work together.

Free From Corporate America

I just finished reading Free from Corporate America by Jon Reed (@jonerp). Subtitle: “A tactical guide to success on your own terms”. I purchased it a while ago, but it was first now I got time to read it. It is defiantly worth a read.

The book emphasize that we all must have a way to make us less venerable to be fired from our jobs. The process is a bit more long term and helps identify that you need to create some way to brand yourself in a way that will allow you to create extra income.

The book is something in the lines of Timothy Ferris 4 Hour Work Week. It is the same base assumption on creating a secondary goal. 4 hour work week is a bit more focus on creating products and a vision to get a way. Free from corporate America is more focus on creating products and finances them.

Jon is telling his story on how he is building is brand and creating assets. It contains some detailed instructions on how and when to create your new assets.

One thing I would have loved to see more of in the book was Jon’s ideas on how SAP consultants, a way that freelancers could leverage their knowledge better.

It is inspiring to hear that other people have success in the cooperate work with creating their own brands and assets. The persistence is the key; you can create a book with just 3 hours a week for 3 years. It means that everybody can become an expert in something.

One cool word I learned is Aficionado. An aficionado is an expert in something that other people really don’t care about and is not something that can bring in money.

If you buy from the links on Amazon, I’ll make a few cents on the books.