#SAPPHIRE youtube challenge: Meet the right people for you

I’m leaving from home in a few hours for SAPPHIRE, and really looking forward to meet all the really cool people there. But you mostly meet people at random, some will help get your objectives. But you have to be lucky.

So I thought that it could be interesting to see how was at the event that could make a difference. The ideal people for me to meet would be people working with SAP Process Integration (PI). It is difficult to find them and you have to meet a lot of people, which is nice though.

I decided to make a video saying how I wanted to meet. It would though probably be nicer if other people did the same. So if you are up for the challenge. Create a youtube video about how you want to meet. The format can be whatever you can make. If it is with your mobile phone it is also great.

Just make a video reply to my movie and tag the video with #sapphire and #sapphiremeet.

Hire is my video.


Motivation at work

I just saw a cool video on a blog by Robert Scoble on why he works at Rackspace.


It is a quite an interesting video, that shows that the purpose of creating anything is the most important when motivating people.

The video mentions studies that prove that a large bonus does not make us perform better jobs. That is the normal assumption, but people just want to get enough for them to survive and not caring about money.

I’m trying to work for a purpose and make the purpose grand enough that figaf.com and caseish.com, will trive. But I have probably not set the goal high enough and made it clear what the purpose is really about.