I did not prioritize going to SAPPHIRE this year. I did not expect the value for going was greater than the time an effort it would take to go to the conference. Now the conference is running, I feel it could be fun to participate.

Luckily it is not possible to follow much of SAPPHIRE conference remote. There are a number of resources that can be leveraged. There should be 8.000 watching the conference online.

First some of the interesting part of the conference is the keynotes. All the keynotes can be found at It is possible to watch the live keynotes and replay of the keynotes from yesterday. They are in a fine quality, though some of the slides or demos can be a little difficult to read.

The SAPClubhouse is also a place to find information on what is going on or being talked about and participate in the conversation.

It is also possible to follow what is going on via twitter, where you can search for #sapphire09 . If you do not want to go to the twitter site, you can find the same search on SAPClubhouse. The Twitter feeds gives a way to share thoughts on presentations with other. It can also be possible to find information about relevant sites or facts.

It is also possible to follow blogs or news report about what is going on.

There are still some issues that you do not get with the live event like:

  • Being able to talk with people face to face.
  • Hearing other sessions than the keynotes, since this are not broadcasted.
  • Going to the events and parties


Easy access to SAP sites

I have been using Launchy to get easy access to search on SAP notes and start my SAP GUI. Launchy is an application which can be used to launch other applications or access websites. Nigel James wrote about how to use Launchy in a blog post and how to access sap notes easy.

Recently I discovered that Firefox was also working on a similarly project called Ubiquity. The difference is that Ubiquity is placed within the browser and can access the same information as the browser. It has easy access to google maps for an address which has been selected and complete other tasks that you would do in your browser.

It is possible to create some commands you self, which can be used to enhance your browser experience. For instance it could be to change tabs or to make the tasks that you normally do on your favorite sites. The commands are written in Javascript, and there is a pretty good tutorial on how to get started.

To get started using Ubiquity just install the Firefox plugin from the Mozilla site.

After you have installed the plugin goto the command press CONTROL and SPACE and you will get a popup in our browser like the following. In this window you can enter commands to Ubiquity.

Try commands like map (address) or in an edit field mark an url and use the command tinyurl.

I have written some commands which can be implemented pretty easy. To implement them use the command command-editor.

In the command window insert the following code, and it should be possible to run the commands.


* Ubiquity Command java scripts

* Used for searching SAP sites



name: “sapnote”,

description: “Finds SAP NOTES”,

takes: {“note number”: noun_arb_text},

preview: function( pblock, noteno ) {

pblock.innerHTML = “Open service markedplace for note: ” + noteno.text ;


execute: function( noteno ) {

var url = “{QUERY}”

var urlString = url.replace(“{QUERY}”, noteno.text);





name: “sapql”,

description: “Open SAP Service Markedplace”,

takes: {“site”: noun_arb_text},

preview: function( pblock, siteType ) {

pblock.innerHTML = “Open SAP Service for : ” + siteType.text ;


execute: function( siteType ) {

var url = “{QUERY}”

var urlString = url.replace(“{QUERY}”, siteType.text);





name: “sdn-search”,

description: “Search SDN”,

takes: {“query”: noun_arb_text},

preview: function( pblock, query) {

pblock.innerHTML = “Search SDN for : ” + query.text ;


execute: function( query) {

var url = “{QUERY}&cat=sdn_all”

var urlString = url.replace(“{QUERY}”, query.text);




The script contains three commands.

  • sapnote which take a service marked place note number and display a page with the note.
  • sapql is to access SAP Quicklinks like SWDC or notes
  • sdn-search which make a search on SDN for the query you have made.

The sdn-search search command look like the following.