Formula one at Nürburgring

I just got home from the German Formula One Grandprix at Nürburgring. The vacation was as always really nice and inspirational. So I wanted to share some of what I have learned from the trip.

We got to the camping place Wednesday around 13. If you want to stay at the Camping-am-ring place you should get to the place before 18 on Wednesday otherwise the number of places you can choose from is quite limited, but you can squeeze in to some place.

When we got to the place it was rainy, so we had to avoid the muddiest places. We found a spot at the top of places to choose from, and decided to pick a spot at the top. We therefore had to go shorter to the track and the Event center at night. The spot was also reasonably dry at the ground.

Our tent

We always go camping when going to a F1 race. It is much closer to the track, but most importantly it is more social and fun. The camping is much more fun compared to sitting in a hotel somewhere. We do not prefer the packaged tours, they are too basic. We just buy the ticket online by the track website. There seems to be greater innovations for people, how have not bought a packaged trip, because they can pack everything they need into their cars.

The Nürburgring track has been building a great new complex for events. This was not done on Wednesday, so the where working firmly on getting the last parts done to Thursday when the official program started. It seems like they managed to get mostly things done. There was still a couple of days work, but it was just the finishing.

There was still some parts of the sign missing


We had tickets to the T4 tribune section E. It was probably the best tickets that I have tried. We have had gold tickets at Spa-Francorchamps and at Hockenheim. But the view from the grandstand was great. It was possible to see the first corner and the whole Mercedes Arena. It was not possible to see all the way down the start and finish line. I think a better place would be at the Mercedes Tribune, where also a part of the start can been seen.

The view from the tribute T4 Section E

There was a lot of action at the corner and the arena in all the races. There was many fights of positions. I think the new regulations for F1 have meant more overtaking but the turn also seemed ideal.

The most fun part about the trip was the night life.

On the camping place event center was there a lot of music at night. The bands played cover numbers and did a really great job. They played for many hours and most members of the bands were singing. It looked really authentic and not like playback. Most importantly they got the whole tent ( a really large one) dancing and singing way.

The other interesting aspect was the way other campers had created their camps. It was nice to see groups bringing large truck to the campgrounds. They all had huge generators to power their sound and light shows. We both like watching what people have found they want to bring and show off. Unfortantly the night pictures was not very good because fo the light conditions and the camera. And then it was just to hang around and see what happened.

Now it is just to wait for the Belgium Grandprix.