Free From Corporate America

I just finished reading Free from Corporate America by Jon Reed (@jonerp). Subtitle: “A tactical guide to success on your own terms”. I purchased it a while ago, but it was first now I got time to read it. It is defiantly worth a read.

The book emphasize that we all must have a way to make us less venerable to be fired from our jobs. The process is a bit more long term and helps identify that you need to create some way to brand yourself in a way that will allow you to create extra income.

The book is something in the lines of Timothy Ferris 4 Hour Work Week. It is the same base assumption on creating a secondary goal. 4 hour work week is a bit more focus on creating products and a vision to get a way. Free from corporate America is more focus on creating products and finances them.

Jon is telling his story on how he is building is brand and creating assets. It contains some detailed instructions on how and when to create your new assets.

One thing I would have loved to see more of in the book was Jon’s ideas on how SAP consultants, a way that freelancers could leverage their knowledge better.

It is inspiring to hear that other people have success in the cooperate work with creating their own brands and assets. The persistence is the key; you can create a book with just 3 hours a week for 3 years. It means that everybody can become an expert in something.

One cool word I learned is Aficionado. An aficionado is an expert in something that other people really don’t care about and is not something that can bring in money.

If you buy from the links on Amazon, I’ll make a few cents on the books.