Openwater swimming

Sunday the 28 june 2009 I was at my first Openwater swimming competition. It was a competition called Viking svøm. Being a long time swimmer I did not expect the 2500 meter en Roskilde fjord as a problem.

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I punched a swimming suit to be able to swim faster and in colder water. I found one used for 1000kr for an ok model.

The swimming went well. I had some problems with my shoulder, since it was much harder to swim with neoprene around the shoulders. But I think I managed the problem as I got use to the suit. I will need to practice more in the suit to the next completion.

For the finish I did not go for the correct target. I found some tents outside the harbor, that I swam towards. This proved to be wrong and I had to swim back toward the harbor entrance. Next time I need to look more closely at the finish before starting.

I got a time of 43:04, which was ok. The only problem was that I was beaten by a 12 year kid. I could probably also swim faster at that age.