Triathlon in Næstved

Sunday I participated in my first Olympic length Triathlon (1500 m swimming, 40 biking, 10 km running) in Næstved, Denmark. It was the canal triathlon. I just had one problem, I had not trained my running to run to the full length, so I had to stop short after 5 km. I did the length in 2:03. The result can be found there. I did try the race to get to know more about, how Triathlons are performed.

I missed a triathlon handlebar for my bike. I would be much easier to drive with and requires less effort hopefully. I also needed some vaseline, so the swim suit did not create as many marks and was easier to get off. After the swimming, I did have problems with getting changed for the bike ride, it took too long time. I had not practiced the changes, so there is room for improvement.

The great thing was that I was in front of some of the triathletes (them with timetrials bikes), after the biking trip. That was quite interesting to not be the latest after the biking trip.

I’m looking forward to the next triathlon that I can participate in, and hope I’ll be able to run the full length.