Integration expert in the process teams

When I was still working with a larger SAP implementation project, I have always been a part of the integration team. Most of the time I was sitting together with other integration consultants and discussing work stuffs on how to be more productive with the business. It was really great because we have the opportunity to discuss different things regarding better solutions. However, from a service perspective, it can be done better.

On my current project I have moved to the inventory or warehouse team. I consider them as my primary customer whom I need to help with various Warehouse integrations. After I have been a part of the team for some time I have learned a lot on what the processes are. I’m still a part of the integration team, but sitting on a table with a warehouse team instead. It just started with me sitting in there for a day but as time passed I realized I just got stuck with the routine.

Being on the team means it is much easier to learn what is going on and what is going to change. I can track their schedule and what they expect to be working on, so I can focus my attention on that aspect.

A large part of the difference is that communication is way better. I have a better understanding on what the team wants and can quickly adapt the solution to match their needs. The speedy pace of making changes is really crucial in the test or late build phase where the final adjustments should be made.

The thing I’m missing is the ability to learn what’s going on with the other integration solutions. I’m not getting as much information on what everyone else is doing and help them with their tasks. This could mean that our projects might not create as a uniform integration solution across the board.

It would probably make sense to have some meetings in the integration team, where we talked about the different solutions we are making, to make us share the knowledge across all participants.

If you have the option to be a part of any of the process teams, I would surely recommend you do it. You will be able to provide them with better and faster service.

I guess that this also apply to developers in general, if any of the teams provides enough jobs to be able to work on them.

Do you have any experience in being in the process team, and would you like to share some of your thoughts on it.