Book of the week: The Art of Public Speaking

This week it has been going on with learning to do public presentations. The art of public speaking by Dale Carnegie. The book is about how to present in front of people.

The book is designed as a course book. The chapters’ covers are fairly short and all cover a principle that you have to master as a speaker. After each chapter there are some exercises that you must do to practice. It takes a lot of time to make all the different assignments at the end of the captors. The book is therefore suited to cover a course held over a period of lessons with homework. Or by a dedicated student.

The book covers topics like gestures, words, movement, research and speech creation. It is quite informative all the different lessons that are worth looking into when creating addresses.

There is cover of different ways to influence others and how it can be used to create a good presentation.

All the ideas is quite common knowledge but it is not anything that you would see normally and remember.

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