Book a week: Kaplan Techincal writing

I got a great offer to buy some Kaplan books on the Kindle so I got to read Kaplan Technical Writing by Carrie Hannigan et. al.

I have been focusing on creating some documentation for the PI system so I thought that this book could help with some ideas.

The book was quite basic around something as creating a document or a mail. I think that most of the content is what you would gain from experiences.

It did provide some good comments. In each document use a statement of purpose. It will make it much easier for other users to know what they can gain from reading the document.

There is also a recommendation to use different fronts based on you expect people to read on the screen (Arial, Century Gothic, Comic Sans MS, Tahoma, or Verdana) and for print use (Times New Roman, Book Antigua, Century, and Georgia).

One thing that I have lacked is the use of active vs passive tone in the writing.

  • Active: Theresa Lane prepared the document.
  • Passive: The document was prepared by Theresa Lane