How to learn SAP CPI fast

Currently, a lot of SAP Customers are picking up SAP CPI.

I have gotten a few requests to help some developers that were working on a real SAP CPI project. It is pretty difficult if you don’t understand the basis of SAP CPI.

I, therefore, decided to create a guide to show hot to get started with SAP CPI even faster. And what is the minimum requirement that you must have before you get started? How do you get a trial system?

All of these questions are answered in this blog.

You can view my getting started guide with SAP CPI here

I also recorded a video go give some more details on why I have written the blog and what to do for the different steps.

I will recommend that you take my full SAP CPI course, where you will learn all the main components so you can start Architecting your SAP CPI iFlow.