SAS Airbus 340-300 on monkey class

I’m currently sitting in an SAS Airbus 340-300 from Copenhagen to Washington. The flight does not have any wireless connection, so this will be posted when I got myself an internet connection. There are 7 SAS planes ever made and this one seems fairly new.

First and foremost, the most important thing about the flight iwas the adequate room for the legs. I’m 183cm and do have around 10 cm extra for my knees. Well, the seats are also very supportive and the neck rest can slide up to support higher persons. I can sit comfortably without disturbing the women on my side.

The flight has an entertainment system in all seats. It has a touch-screen and a joy-pad looking controller. The flight is really nice, because you can sit and relax, watch a movie and select your favorite. There are 23 different new movies in the selection. The two latest movies available are the Angels and Demons and The Terminator Salvation, with some fairly new DVDs. It is really neat since you can catch up on your movies. The problem is that the movies are played in one large loop, that makes it not possible to see when the movies are starting. Since they are new movies I don’t know when they actually start, so I would have to watch the most part of the movie to find out when it is starting over. I think it is better to have an indicator on how long the movie has when I select a movie and the time left in a movie when it is being watched.

The touch-screen reacts a little slow to events and the controller is a bit difficult to get started with.

I have been listening to one of the audio streams, and it seems like the audio stops at certain moments. It is really disturbing to listen and it cuts for a second and then resume. So it is really not useful.

The games available are from 2008. I tried playing Sudoku. It was ok to play, and could help to solve the puzzle with pencil markings. I would like paper and pencil for solving Sudoku. The controller was not easy to use and it missed a numerical keyboard for the Sudoku game. I could just imagine how it would be if it was possible to bundle a Wifi into the onboard gaming systems. But since it is an airplane the software probably have to comply with some tough testing rules, compared to other games.

I would defiantly like to fly with this plane again. It has all the comfort I need.