Date with Destiny

I just wrote separate posts about the first three days of the Date with Destiny event. Then I did not have time to write anything because, was not waking up early enough to write anything. So this post will just be a summary of how I have seen the event.

I had a really good time and learned a lot about myself. I won’t write a long rapport about the event instead I created a small video in Washington Airport.

Now it is just to figure out how to use it in real life.

The only thing I did not like about the event was that the schedule was never correct. If the meeting time was at some point, the event started at least 15 minutes later. That just meant more time for connecting with others.

Date with Destiny Day 3

What an extreme day we had today.


First we talked about what you where centered towards. There were currently 8 different levels for consciousness. It all depends on how you see the world. It ranges from the basic needs and move towards a spirits centric, where you just love all human beings. This model was based on Dr. Graves works.


We did have a blessing session. It was a really spiritual session where we got affected by some old energy. It cannot be described in any way it just have to be experienced. So far this at been one of the most intense moments I have had.


Then the plan was to do some work with our values, but we ended up talking about relationships which is the purpose of the four the day session.


I did a small video from the surrounding golf course at my morning run. It was just a super day to get moving and see the sun rice in the desert.


Date with Destiny Day 2

The second day of Date with Destiny (DWD) was much better than the first.

Today I got some really interesting distinctions on how life needs to be changed.

I have recorded some of the distinctions that I have made in this video.

The only irritating thing about the event was the timing you expect things to start on time. But guess you just have to live with not knowing when things stats.

We did have time for a dinner break, it was nice to be together in the room and create a fast and healthy meal.

DWD day one Tuesday

So day was the big day with Date with Destiny. First of I started the day with a run around the golf course go get an hour of power. The surroundings was astonishing and I did pretty well with the running.

We got to the conference center at 10am, and had heard the previous day that the event would start at 10.30am. When we got there we found that the start had been postponed to 11.30am. The weather outside was nice so, I was able meet with somebody outside.

At the event I was able to get some nice seats on 4 row, so I was able to follow pretty close in the stage. So I got a got view of Tony Robbins.

This first day contained a lot of the elements from Unleash the Power Within(UPW), that I was on in October. It was explained a bit different and had some different stories but the basis was what we learned last time. I thought think that it was great to be reminded of what was going on and get back into the emotional stage from then.

I’m looking forward to learn more about how I can use the information to change my life. I’m looking forward to spend time with the coaches tomorrow.

Date with Destiny Monday

Monday was the day before Date With Destiny (DWD). I said goodbye to Sean when he got to work for the day.
Then I worked on creating some of the ideas that I had on my todo list. I was productive enough to be to make make the new design on masteringwave work. That was pretty nice to be able accomplish that.
I also got time to fired one emploey, how had not worked as much as I had expected. It was a bit difficult to communicate with him and get him to work on the right projects and the correct pace.
I talked with MenInBlue about a PI consulting job, and it seems like I could get the job. So that would be nice to get 3½ month of extra payment. That would mean that I have something to do for the next long time. And that Figaf can be successfull.

The I took the taxi to meet the others and settle in. It was really nice to meet everyone else at the room. There are plenty space for all of us and they are all nice. We went shopping in the health food store and got some cool food, what we cooked together. We had a problem that it was not everyone how was at the place so we did not meet well.

Luca and Aron meet some girls that came over. So already on the first day did we get visitors nice. It was fun to talk with them and hear what they had to say.

It seems like many had a problem with the money and had found that it was too expensive and had second thoughts on getting to Date with Destiny after they purchased the tickets. It does not seems right that people are caught into being hire. But once the money was paid they where quite excited about getting the job done.

I’m really looking forward to the day and figuring out what I can do and what we need to learn.
I did a small video of the dinner.