Great by choice by Jim Collins and Morten Hansen


Great by choice by Jim Collins and Morten Hansen


This book is the sequel to Build to last and Good to Great. It is also a research focus book, where they are comparing a bunch of different companies of different perspectives. The book validates the principles of the previous books.

They have found 10 different companies and have compared how they are performing compared to other companies in similarly niches.


They companies they have selected did a lot better. And they introduced the concept 10 x companies to identify the behavior of the better performing companies.


The things they are finding the companies are doing better are the following.

  • They are performing constituent. They don’t grow because they thing the market can bare it. They strive for a 20 mile walk everyday to make sure that people are not getting too tired have something to go for. This is like Southwestern which only open a few new routes every year. For every year they have started new routes.
  • They try to experiment with something. Shoot bullets and when they find something where they can excel in they do the bet for it. They need to have the time to bet on next big and work on solving the problems.
  • Innovate but still keep the old ideas that work. Know when to kill the products.
  • Have a deadline, for when the product can no loger be used or when something should be done before. If we cannot make it to the top today, we have to turn around.
  • Luck there does not seem to be any indication on if one or the other part is doing any bether. They seem to have been gotten the same number of luck. The difference is that the 10x was able to use the unluck to propel them forwards.
  • They are Specific Methodolical and consistent (SMaC ) with their content. It makes a difference in the way to are able to communicate. It could be like the bill of rights where they have a clear understanding of what will work in the future.


To contain the presentation they are using a framework. It does make it a bit more clear on what they are doing and how things will be explained.



One thing I like about the book is there is some questions that you can ask your self at the end of each section on how this apply to my organization. This really helps and makes it much more interesting to read. The questions give a sense that there is something that I’m cheating when I don’t answer the questions.


There is also use of explores to show how the ideas works for them. It could be the comparison between Scott and Amundsen South Pole journey. They use a lot of the same principles as the 10x companies.

Mastering wave project

I want to learn some more about how to use Google Wave and how wave could be implemented in organizations. I therefore would like to develop some applications which could be used in organization. I started out very optimistic and thought at I could make an application on Google App Engine easily. I had a lot of free time, since I was not on a project, and could therefore concentrate on developing.

I tried to find a framework which could run on appengine both Jruby on Rails and Groovy on Grails. Both of the frameworks worked on app-engine, but it was too early to start on high performance development on App-engine for a beginner. I therefore spend a lot of time on working getting the frameworks to work, time which could be spend on being productive and creating a Ruby on Rails app which could be hosted on a private server.

I found a solution to my problems. I talked to Rasmus about hiring people from abroad. Rasmus recommend using to hire a Pilipino using I found some Java programmers and writers there for much less, that I would be able to hire one in Denmark. So it was an affordable way to hire on. It would be more convinent to hire a Dane, but then the price would be much more different.

So now my status has change, I’m an employer instead of a developer. I now need to specify what I want in stead of trying to get it working.

I have startet the Mastering wave project a website where we will share some to the knowledge that we have learned. I don’t have a business plan for the site, except generate a lot of excellent content for developers. I have some ideas for products that I hope to be able to implement and make a living off, but it will probably require a lot of work.

I’ll post more information as get further in this project.