Supporting and acknowledge in sports

I was helping out at Islev Triathlons yearly Duathlon (5 km run, 25 km bike and 5 km run and a half distance). I was watching one of the crossings one the bike course.

I was supposed to watch and notify the cars on the bike riders and make sure they stopped and saw the cars. There was only a few times where we had to watch for the cars, mostly seem to work out without any problems.

To spend the time I started to cheer on the riders. I remember when people cheered at me, when I was out on my bike or other places, it gave an extra kick. Think that somebody is watching what I’m doing and helping me gives energy. I don’t want to let the people who believe in me down.

I have not been cheering that much on foreign people. But this time I was able to give comments that hopefully inspired a few. I became almost high from giving them feedback. I’m not sure if it is the unselfish act that triggers this energy or the use or an alternative way to give more.

Some of the drivers how drove by gave a few signs of thank you. It was nice to know that they linked the feedback and it made them perform at a higher level.

Some of the car drivers, how drove by, also waved to me. It was as they liked the part of having energetic people around. It would be interesting if this showing extra energy also affect other people not involved with the race.

It was a fantastic day and I had a lot of fun and enjoyed being outdoor for the morning. Even though I was unable to see the Formula One Race in Malaysia.

Why I would do an Ironman

Today I recored this short video of why I’m participating in the Copenhagen Challenge Ironman.

My ideas are

  • Learn about my body
  • Prove to my self that I’m able to follow thou a large problem and endure pain.

I have seen that other have done ironmans before and it just require will.

Motivation at work

I just saw a cool video on a blog by Robert Scoble on why he works at Rackspace.


It is a quite an interesting video, that shows that the purpose of creating anything is the most important when motivating people.

The video mentions studies that prove that a large bonus does not make us perform better jobs. That is the normal assumption, but people just want to get enough for them to survive and not caring about money.

I’m trying to work for a purpose and make the purpose grand enough that and, will trive. But I have probably not set the goal high enough and made it clear what the purpose is really about.