Book review Millionaire Upgrade

I was listing to Richard Parkes Cordocks book Millionare Upgrade. It is a quite interesting book.

It is a story about a man sitting beside a successful entrepreneur in a plane ride. During the course of the flight the successful entrepreneur tell his story on how to become successful. It is some quite valuable lessons. I guess I have heard most of them before, but the idea of placing them so close together is quite interesting. It is a god way to put them all together.

One framework used in the book is to tie everything together is the phrase:


This is composed of

  • I Believe in my self
  • Be passionate and wanted, so you are totally motivated to get your goals
  • Lies and luck don’t work. Luck is the cross road of opportunities
  • Installing goals. They should be written down
  • Enjoy hard work; you have to want to work because you just love it.
  • Very Very Persistent, just have to keep the nose in the rill.
  • Expect failure. There will be mistakes and you have to be able to stop projects

Then there is team work to get everything to work. You need to be able to get people to work together.