A word of warning with Okuma Group fraud

It seems like the company Okuma Group is trying to move into Denmark also. They have some well spoken sale men that are trying to sell their products. They expect the stock of Trina Solar Limited to go from $20 to 40 or 50 in a couple of months.

They have also tried to call German speaking countries like described on Amazingly elaborate fraud scheme: Okuma Group.

What is interesting is that the company name domain is only registered on 12 feb 2010 according to WHOIS. And even better it is register to an anonymous user. It does not sound trust worthy.

They news list is not real trust worthy it only dates back until July 2 2010 and only contains links to other analytics.

They also offered a less tax way thru clearing houses exotic places. Wander if you would ever see the money again.

Update:  5 October  2014

I got a mail from a reader of the blog with the follwing warning.

It appears that the same group of gangsters previously operating under one of the following guises:

Dai Ichi Securities
Dragon Securities
Edzell Ventures
HB Capital Partners
Novantae Diversified
Ovannis Capital
Palatine Financial
Pegasus Ventures
Sirius Holdings
Stockton Triathlon
The Sirius Financial
The Stockton Group
The Toros Group
Trinity Ventures

Is now also operating under the name of BARON MOORE ASSOCIATES. Supposedly they are based in Hong Kong. To lend themselves some “credibility,” they have once again posted news releases on different websites. As before, the domain has been registered under a proxy service. Their “staff” will call you from an anonymous number. Of course, they will not be able to provide you with any financial registration number. They will try to entice you by offering you discounted and privileged shares as a “broker” for a legitimate company registered on the NASDAQ or Hang Seng. They will then send you instructions to wire money to:

Hamtron Limited
1/F Causeway Plaza Two
463-483 Lockhart Road
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

In money ways the scam is the same as before. The difference is the sense of urgency with which their staff tries to ”sell” and the different contacts they will try to put you through (call agent, broker, “legal department,” etc.) to assuage you and to get you to transfer your money ASAP – money that you will definitely never ever see again.