#SAPPHIRE youtube challenge: Meet the right people for you

I’m leaving from home in a few hours for SAPPHIRE, and really looking forward to meet all the really cool people there. But you mostly meet people at random, some will help get your objectives. But you have to be lucky.

So I thought that it could be interesting to see how was at the event that could make a difference. The ideal people for me to meet would be people working with SAP Process Integration (PI). It is difficult to find them and you have to meet a lot of people, which is nice though.

I decided to make a video saying how I wanted to meet. It would though probably be nicer if other people did the same. So if you are up for the challenge. Create a youtube video about how you want to meet. The format can be whatever you can make. If it is with your mobile phone it is also great.

Just make a video reply to my movie and tag the video with #sapphire and #sapphiremeet.

Hire is my video.


Book of the week: Cradle to cradle and SAP development

This week I was reading Cradle to Cradle from Michael Braungart and William McDonugh. The book gave room for thought. Both on how we create more enviormental friendly products. But was triggered me most was how it also applys to the usage in SAP.

Vishal Sikka mention the timeless software. Where software can continue to run for ever, but just get a new front.

As a developer you can also apply some of this. How do you make software that is easy to get started with.

See the video hire.

Taler konkurence om ”Tro kan flytte bjerge”

I dag var jeg til afdelingsmøde i JCI København. Dagens emne var JCIs konkurrence “Den Gyldne Mikrofon”.

Jeg valgte temaet “Tro kan flytte bjerge” og valgte at bruge min Ironman og de emner omkring det til at holde talen om. Talen kan du se her under.


Jeg fik en delt 2 plads med de tre øvrige deltager. Jeg var ret præcis med at få ramt de 5 minutter tale skulle være. Det var ret underholdene at holde præsentationen, selv om jeg var lidt presset til tider.

Der er mulighed for forbedringer i det. Et at dem var at jeg skulle bevæge mig mere rundt. Så skulle jeg have overholdt formalia meget bedre.

Det havde nok også hjulpet hvis jeg havde haft mulighed for at se uret og kunne disponere bedre ud fra det.

Jeg vil deltage næste gang. Det var vildt sjovt.

My First Ironman, Check

Sunday I did my first ever ironman the Copenhagen Challenge. I did it in 11 hours 8 minutes. I did have a really fine day where I learn a lot of my body.

I have recorded a small video of the event, right after the finish. I’m probably not speaking clearly.

I saw a lot of people going out with punctured tires. I was hoping that I was not going to experience a flat, which thankfully never happened. I had filled the bag with to spare tubes, so I was prepared.

When I switched to the run the first 1½km until the first sign I saw was really long. It seemed like I had run for ever before I just saw that sign. Then the run started to be much better. I had expected to have some problems with the knees, but they thankfully never came. I guess the slow running style and the long practice had helped with strengthening my legs. I just felt strong.

It was such a wonderful experience to participate in the event. All the crowds that cheered along the way it gave an extra boost to see people sitting outside their house and having breakfast to watch us. On the running corse it was also real powerful to cheer on me with my name.

On the bike course there was an extra bonus. Normally when I see a traffic light change to yellow I stop paddling. Then I remembered that they have stopped the traffic for me. It gave an extra boost, also to go full speed into all the lights. It was also interesting to watch that the cars were stopped for our sake. I do feel the cars that they had to wait for us on all the traffic jams in Lyngby/Holte area. Sorry, but we had fun.

I had the following splits. I had expected 1:05 for the swim, and then 6:30 for the bike and 4:12 for the run. So it was a real god presentation. I was trying not to pace my self to hard during the first part of the biking trip. I hoped just on getting by and staying well within my comfort range. When I found that the speed was around the 32, then I was quite happy. I had a bit of side stitch in the first hour of the bike, but it just despaired.

Swim (1 lap)
Timing Point Time Split km/h min/km
Swim 3,8 km 1:02:33 1:02:33 3.65 16:28
1st Transition
Timing Point Time Split km/h min/km
1st Transition 1:07:04 0:04:31
Bike (2 laps)
Timing Point Time Split km/h min/km
Bike 33 km 2:09:03 1:02:00 31.94 1:53
Bike 63 km 3:11:31 2:04:28 30.37 1:59
Bike 93 km 4:02:45 2:55:42 31.76 1:54
Bike 110 km 4:34:40 3:27:37 31.79 1:54
Bike 140 km 5:38:32 4:31:29 30.94 1:57
Bike 170 km 6:34:58 5:27:54 31.11 1:56
Bike 180 km 6:53:07 5:46:04 31.21 1:56
2nd Transition
Timing Point Time Split km/h min/km
2nd Transition 6:55:47 0:02:41
Run (3 laps)
Timing Point Time Split km/h min/km
Run 3,35 km 7:13:55 0:18:08 11.09 5:25
Run 6,10 km 7:29:28 0:33:41 10.87 5:32
Run 9,95 km 7:51:41 0:55:54 10.68 5:38
Run 13,80 km 8:14:58 1:19:11 10.46 5:45
Run 17,15 km 8:34:37 1:38:50 10.41 5:46
Run 19,90 km 8:51:04 1:55:17 10.36 5:48
Run 23,75 km 9:14:05 2:18:18 10.30 5:50
Run 27,60 km 9:37:47 2:42:00 10.22 5:53
Run 30,95 km 10:00:05 3:04:18 10.08 5:58
Run 33,70 km 10:17:32 3:21:45 10.02 6:00
Run 37,55 km 10:41:33 3:45:47 9.98 6:01
Run 41,40 km 11:05:06 4:09:20 9.96 6:02
Finish (Run 42,2 km) 11:08:26 4:12:39 10.02 6:00
Finish Swim T1 Bike T2 Run
125 38 54 143 67 136

Why I would do an Ironman

Today I recored this short video of why I’m participating in the Copenhagen Challenge Ironman.

My ideas are

  • Learn about my body
  • Prove to my self that I’m able to follow thou a large problem and endure pain.

I have seen that other have done ironmans before and it just require will.

Motivation at work

I just saw a cool video on a blog by Robert Scoble on why he works at Rackspace.


It is a quite an interesting video, that shows that the purpose of creating anything is the most important when motivating people.

The video mentions studies that prove that a large bonus does not make us perform better jobs. That is the normal assumption, but people just want to get enough for them to survive and not caring about money.

I’m trying to work for a purpose and make the purpose grand enough that figaf.com and caseish.com, will trive. But I have probably not set the goal high enough and made it clear what the purpose is really about.

Date with Destiny

I just wrote separate posts about the first three days of the Date with Destiny event. Then I did not have time to write anything because, was not waking up early enough to write anything. So this post will just be a summary of how I have seen the event.

I had a really good time and learned a lot about myself. I won’t write a long rapport about the event instead I created a small video in Washington Airport.

Now it is just to figure out how to use it in real life.

The only thing I did not like about the event was that the schedule was never correct. If the meeting time was at some point, the event started at least 15 minutes later. That just meant more time for connecting with others.